What’s The Future of NFT's? - 100x's Gains!?

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PFP’s Are Dead – The Future of NFT’s – 100x’s Gains! In this episode I talk about 3 NFT’s that their main focus is utilities.


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7 thoughts on “What’s The Future of NFT's? – 100x's Gains!?

  1. I like this project, Everfyre because I was looking for a project nft linked to the music industry. The utility it provides is for long term royalties with the artist you like. The look of the avatars with the fires is really cool. Lets go for it.

  2. I love the idea of Everfyre because I am a huge music lover. As someone who would love to move further with a music career myself I think this platform would be amazing for both existing artists and to help other people like me start up their music career

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