Trump CFO's Guilty Plea & Mariah Carey's Trademark Play | The Daily Show

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26 thoughts on “Trump CFO's Guilty Plea & Mariah Carey's Trademark Play | The Daily Show

  1. Lost hella respect for Trevor Noah. How do you call out media for no reporting the truth and you do the same thing? Had to stop following dude a long time ago, a disgrace to the "black" community . If anything just as worse as CNN

  2. The CDC were in an impossible position of trying to get a majority of Americans to do anything that’d help reduce the spread of a virus while the American President was simultaneously doing everything in his power to assure us that the virus was made up by Democrats and wasn’t real. The CDC just got to the point where they are like, “Yes! 10 days, 2 days, an N95 mask, a paper towel, just….ANYTHING !!!” I mean it didn’t help that we had right-wingers going into Target and Walmart, spitting in people’s faces and screaming “free yourselves!”. They never had a chance of winning. That said, they did level best and we’ve made it to a new (better)? place with this virus.

  3. My word im south african and getting really tired how this guy does not call out the democrats for all there swindling and lying to american people really as a comic you shouldn't show bias but it's obvious he is so scared of getting cancelled or hearing a bad word from the left he will say anything to fit in its embarrassing and then some [email protected]#$

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