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41 thoughts on “The Enthusiast's PERFECT 5 Watch Collection | Watchfinder & Co.

  1. Nah – I don't agree. What did I wear through the second half my Services career? A Rolex Explorer II. What did I wear for my mountaineering and outdoorsy expedition stuff? The same Rolex Explorer II. Just like in the films. Believe it or not, it's what they're actually made for. And I only use the past tense because I got a Tudor BB58 a couple of years ago which does those jobs for me even better and the Rolex is 'relegated' to GMT/travel watch.
    Some chaps (me included) like to have a dress watch too, plus a bit of haute horology (how haute depends on your pockets!), and JLC fits the bill in my case.
    Nothing wrong with the watches you've highlighted in this vid, but the way you're explaining it they seem like watches looking for a reason, rather than a reason for having a watch.

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