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Red is the color of passion and wearing anything that is red seems to give the illusion of a very positive, sociable, lively person who is passionate about life. Not many women have red outfits or red shoes in their wardrobe and if they do, it might be a small item like a belt or a pair of strappy heels. Wearing red boots does take a bit of courage if you’re not into being in the limelight. Red will get you noticed; especially red boots!

There are different shades of red to choose from if you are thinking of venturing into brighter and bolder colors. From brownish reds to flaming red, there is a shade for everyone. Red certainly does not need to be as intimidating as people make it out to be.

If you’re thinking of adding red boots to your collection of shoes, just keep in mind a few things. One of them being; what kind of boots do you want and what shade of red do you fancy. If you don’t want to jump onto the bold red bandwagon, look for lighter shades of red in ankle length boots. How about a flat soled pair in deep red? Or even a kitten heeled pair of ankle boots in leather or suede? These materials offer a matte version of red because of the materials and thus will not be as striking as patent leather ones.

They can be worn with many different outfits and when you purchase one, try to make sure that it will team with at least 2 of your outfits. This makes it a good investment and very versatile. Ankle length boots can be worn with boot leg cut jeans with a matching t-shirt or just a plain white shirt. It can also be worn with a knee length skirt or shorts that are khaki or tan in color.

If you prefer Uggs, why not try spice things up a bit? They will help to bring attention to you whilst keeping you warm and comfy during the cold months. If you would like a little bit more color, how about red calf length or knee high boots. You can find them flat soled or with heels. You can even find wedged heeled boots that look very cool paired with a denim skirt or even a flouncy skirt.

Many women have experience wearing red boots in the form of wellies and so are not as unwilling to buy a pair of boots for other occasions. Leather boots can also be worn with leggings or jeggings and can look very sophisticated when teamed with a loose white blouse belted with a matching belt and a striped tote bag.

Red is a very attractive color and gives attention to the outfit you are wearing. With boots in many designs ranging from lace-ups to slip-ons, your choice is vast. You can find zippers, ribbons, buttons, metal detailing, embellishments like beading and such on many designs. Wearing this color gives a certain sexy appeal to the wearer and alludes to a very confident and outgoing nature. Wearing boots for autumn, winter or anytime is a pleasure and red should be one of the colors to add to that pleasure.

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