New and Innovative Facial and Body Piercing Trends

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Demand for body piercing has been steadily increasing. As one of the most affordable types of accessories available, the bang for the buck when it comes to wearing body jewelry is high. It is a very effective form of self-expression and fashion trends have been inspired by this body modification for decades. From hardcore styles of rock and emo to the softer feminine summer belly ring trends at the beach, body jewelry created a following in the masses that can no longer be denied.

Today, the rise of new trends when it comes to piercing and wearing body jewelry has caught many people’s attention. For a few decades, many thought that there is only a limited way on how you can put stainless steel hoops and barbells on your body. But the following new trends bring original ways on how to create a style for your looks using surface bars, dermal anchors, and barbells.

First on the list of new trends is the third eye. Achieved by using a dermal implant placed in between and slightly above the eyebrows, the third eye actually looks rather sophisticated. The third eye piercing resembles the “bindi,” a traditional decoration that serves as a spiritual symbol in South Asia. A surface bar can also be used instead of using a dermal anchor, in which it can also be called as a vertical bridge piercing.

Another interesting type of piercing is called the bridge piercing in which the piercing is placed on the upper bridge of the nose. Bridge piercing can be achieved using a straight barbell, a surface bar, or a captive bead ring. A great facial piercing, it draws great attention to the eye area.

The anti-eyebrow piercing is also getting some attention because of the way it directs attention to the face. Usually placed above the cheekbone or below the eyebrow, this piercing is achieved by using a surface bar, but some are also able to have success using a curved barbell or an L shaped bars. Anti-eyebrow piercings are also sometimes called tears, teardrop piercing, or high cheek piercing.

Two elegant surface piercings that are attracting women today are the collar bone piercing and the vampire’s kiss. The collar bone piercing is a surface piercing achieve by using a surface bar placed just above the clavicle, giving the illusion of two beads cradled by the bone. Vampire’s kiss, on the other hand, is a surface piercing on the side of the neck that resembles a bite from a vampire. Most of the time, a vampire’s kiss piercing is worn with a surface bar adorned with red gems stone to make it look like blood droplets. The trend of these piercings might have been triggered by the current popularity of vampire themed books and movies which are currently circulating the mainstream.

In theory, any part of the body can be modified so that jewelry can be attached to it. And with the rise of these new and interesting surface body piercings, it is safe to say that the interest of the masses is still shifting towards a more liberal way of self-expression. Facial piercings have been frowned upon in the past but with these new trends, it seems there are ways to make sure piercings beyond the earlobes can also look elegant and beautiful.

Source by Jason Rosas Itumay

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