pearls...groundbreaking | Khadija Mbowe

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Welcome to SEASON 1 EP. 3 of You can Always Change your Mind with special guest @VICTORY THE CREATOR! Peep the …


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33 thoughts on “Men…in pearls…groundbreaking | Khadija Mbowe

  1. sex is definatly less binary than most people think from a biology perspective- i dont know enough to confidently bullet point all the ways we miss-understand sex, but i definatly would say its feeling more like a spectrum than 2 distinct catagrees of male female. its interesting to talk about what goes into the definition of someones sex- chomosomes, hormones, genitals, sex characteristics, body hair. all of these things have variations that dont nessicarily always fit perfectly into male/female.

  2. I'm a trans woman so the "flying to close to the sun" part really hit home for me. I buried who I am specifically so I wouldn't get burned. Out and proud now.

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