Make A Fortune With An Event Rental Business Plan

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An event rental business plan will make your small business scale up to a big business and you’ll make your fortune. But you …


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16 thoughts on “Make A Fortune With An Event Rental Business Plan

  1. So I just found your channel a few weeks ago. I've been in the market research stage, shopping my competitors, seeing what's offered, etc. I've been binge watching videos and was hoping you could answer a couple of questions for me.

    It's July 5th, do I buy inventory now and try and get some last minute summer rentals or should I just start taking bookings for next season and accumulate inventory in the meantime?

    20×30 is what the local rental place offers so I was thinking about purchasing two 20×20 and being able to rent them individually or as a 20×40. Is there a better approach like buying a larger tent?

    And finally should I start with 60" round or 6' banquet tables? I plan to purchase white fanbacks so they can also be used for weddings as well.

    Thanks for all the great content

  2. So I’m on month 4 of my event rental endeavors, so far I’ve done about $17K in gross sales. I have been told that the summer is the “slow time” in my area which is Florida so it’s extremely hot and understandable for it to be slow. However I’m coming off this high of making $6K in the month of May and maybe $4K-$5K in June to a July that’s projecting to be maybe even less than $2K, how did you deal with the “slow” times when you started out?

  3. Jumped in I’m about to be 1 year in and I just had my biggest month last month little over 5k reinvesting as much as I can currently working out of a garage and need to move out asap in to a warehouse.

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