3 Reasons to Buy a Lovense Adult Toy

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Lovense is a brilliant little brand that’s blowing up fast. These remote-controlled toys are more than just your average vibrator. They come with companion apps, steady streams of updates, and they’re actually pretty cool if you think about it. Let’s dive into why you should consider buying one of these toys today!

Remote Controlled Vibrators Are Actually Pretty Cool

Remote controlled vibrators have been around for a long time, but they’ve never gotten much attention. These toys are now a lot more sophisticated and actually pretty cool. Because they’re controlled by an app, you can get a lot of functionality from them.


There’s a ton of potential for these toys beyond being just a way to get off. The Lovense range of toys come with built-in sensors that allow you to do everything from creating custom vibrations to logging your orgasms. You can actually create mood boards on the app and even play music from Spotify!

If you have an Apple HomePod or Amazon Echo, you can even control these toys remotely.


How Lovense works with adult live streaming webcam platforms like Camsoda

Lovense has a unique feature that allows you to sync it up with adult live streaming platforms like Camsoda. You can login to the Camsoda app and then connect it to your Lovense toy via Bluetooth. Now, you’re free to control the toy directly within the live stream.

This hands-free feature allows you to put on a show for your audience and they can even control the toy from across the world if you’d like. This feature is really neat, but it’s also important to note that Lovense toys don’t actually stream video.

This means that only those who have access to the stream will be able to see you and control your toy via tip donations.


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Steady Stream of Updates

One of the best things about Lovense is that they’re constantly updating their toys. Like we said, these toys have a ton of potential, and Lovense knows it. This year, the company has already released a whole bunch of new features that have significantly improved the toys.

There’s a new app, a new toy, and even new sensors within the toys that allow you to do new things! So far, this year has been one of the best for Lovense. We’re hoping that they’ll continue to roll out awesome new features throughout the rest of the year.

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Lovense is Constantly Improving Their Toys

There are plenty of remote-controlled vibrators out there, but Lovense is the only one that’s constantly improving their products and rolling out new features. They’re engaging with their users and actually listening to feedback.

This means that they’re constantly improving their toys and making them better. The company doesn’t just want to put out a few products and call it a day. They want to continuously improve their toys and make them better for their users. For this reason, we think that Lovense is one of the best brands out there for adult toys.

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There are tons of reasons to buy a Lovense toy. The toys are remote-controlled, compatible with adult live streaming platforms like Camsoda, and even feature a steady stream of updates. These toys are also streamlined and easy to use. If you’re looking for a new toy, we highly recommend Lovense.

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