How To Fix The Incel Crisis

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28 thoughts on “How To Fix The Incel Crisis

  1. Marriage was invented when bachelor groups believed in equality of men, so when they killed or drove off the alpha and had possession of his harem, instead of having championship tournament for which would take all the women they evenly divided the harem amongst them. This is why monogamy should be expected in societies with equal ratio. Polygamy is only acceptable when warfare or such depletes male population.

  2. Legalize prostitution like Germany, Amsterdam, Thailand, Austria, Netherlands, Las Vegas, Australia, etc.

    When sex is available for cash then incels will motivated to get jobs and save. People in khaleej have been doing it for years, going to Bahrain on the weekends.

  3. What are your thoughts on the bio- ethical premise currently gaining interlectual traction in academic sergals. The premise: known as the " Heinz/Branston hypothesis." Surmises that the amount of violence perputrated by sexually disenfrachised males could be curtailed, or entirely eliminated. If only they made equine fleshlights which felt more like the real thing?

    Maybe some 45 year society eunach of the wage-cattle caste will think twice before shooting into his local McDonalds if he had the option of shooting into Fluttershy instead?

  4. Give women more advantages in society to be able to raise children, stop the slut shaming, and stop shaming kids (teenagers) from having sex and actually educate them to have RELATIONSHIPS, might be the only steps humanity could take that could rectify this situation.

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