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Dopamine is the master hormone that can control how you feel on a daily basis. When your dopamine levels are up, it’s natural to feel happier, more energized, and even want to go out and explore new places or hobbies.

On the other hand, when your dopamine levels dip too low, you may find yourself feeling more pessimistic, unmotivated, and even anxious. How you dress directly impacts your dopamine levels. Dopamine controls our reward centers in the brain by releasing endorphins when we do something we enjoy (like looking good).

It also controls how much pleasure you get from rewards like food or sex. So if you’re interested in boosting your dopamine levels and feeling happier every day, read on to discover how dressing for your dopamine level can have an impact on your life.

How Dressing Well Helps Your Dopamine Levels

The first and most obvious benefit of dressing well is that you’ll feel more confident in yourself. When you feel positive about your appearance, it makes it much easier for you to get out there and pursue your goals.

You’ll feel more bold, and you’ll be more likely to make the first move on that person you’ve had your eye on. Dressing well is also an easy way to boost your dopamine levels without having to take any extra effort.

People often forget that dopamine is a chemical that’s released naturally when we do something we enjoy. So while feeding yourself a delicious meal or getting some exercise will definitely boost your dopamine levels, you can also get that same feeling by dressing well.


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3 Ways To Dress For Your Dopamine Level

There are three different dopamine levels that you can dress for. They are: low, optimal, and high. Each dopamine level comes with its own benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to pay attention to what’s best for you.

Dressing for a low dopamine level is best for people who want to feel more confident in themselves. It’s also a good option for people who feel as if they’re under too much pressure. Dressing for an optimal dopamine level is best for people who want to feel as if they’re in a neutral state.

Dressing for a high dopamine level is best for people who want to feel more excited and energized. Depending on your current dopamine level, you may feel more comfortable dressing for one level or another.

2 Ways Shimmery Or Shiny Clothing Helps

Shimmery or shiny fabrics are the secret to boosting your dopamine levels. The mere sight of glistening fabrics actually make the reward centers in your brain activate. This is because your brain associates shiny things with a reward.

You’ve probably experienced this at some point in your life when you see an especially shiny piece of jewelry. The dopamine levels in your brain automatically increase as a result, so you may find yourself drawn to the shiny piece of jewelry.

Shimmery or shiny clothing is also great for when you want to boost your dopamine levels but don’t want to put in a lot of effort. It’s easy to just throw on a sparkly top or some shiny shoes and instantly feel better.


1 Way Dark Clothing Hel-Oh-Helps

The only way to dress for a low dopamine level is to wear clothing that’s dark in color. Darker shades like navy blue, black, or grey have a way of making us feel more confident. They also have a way of making it easier to calm our nerves.

If you want to dress for optimal dopamine levels, you’ll want to wear clothing that’s either grey or navy blue. If you want to dress for high dopamine levels, you’ll want to wear clothing that’s red.


There are many benefits to dressing for your dopamine level. Not only does it make it easier to get dressed in the morning, but it also can change how you feel throughout the day. It’s important to pay attention to the difference between all three dopamine levels.

It’s also important to note that you don’t want to dress for your dopamine level all the time. You need to be sure to change things up to keep your dopamine levels balanced. Dressing for your dopamine level is a great way to boost your dopamine levels, but it’s also important to understand that dopamine levels change.

Dopamine is released at different times throughout the day, so you’re always going to be feeling one way or the other. By dressing for your dopamine level, you can ensure that you’re feeling your best on a daily basis.


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