Fashion Hosiery - 7 Red-Hot Leg Wear You Must Wear to Stay Stylish For Autumn-Winter 2009-10

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The positive thing about fashion hosiery is that they inexpensively update your look, keeping your legs looking hot in the dreaded cold weather. Pull out your sweater dresses, tunic tops, and party outfits and add a pair of trendy hosiery, from shiny liquid leggings to haute couture print tights. Autumn/Winter 2009-10 is all about injecting a little bit of edge!

These are the 7 red-hot women’s hosiery styles that are guaranteed to warm the ground you’re walking:

Wet Look Leggings

The faux-leather looking leggings might look flashy but they’re super-stylish with casual knit sweaters and long tees, which help tone down on the tarty look. For parties and going out, pair the wet look leggings up with tunic tops and short dresses. Both flat and high heel pumps will go great with the leggings.

Zipper Leggings

Zipper details are hot this season! Both long back-zippers and horizontal sipper details are in. But if you want to keep up with the trends but don’t necessarily like them, then a pair of leggings with zippers on the end of each leg will be a good choice. Discreet yet trendy! Plus the vertical details slim will slim down and elongate your legs.

Bright Opaque Tights

A classic re-run which will never fade. We will be wearing coats and layer our outfits with tees and sweaters, so people won’t notice what you’re wearing on top. However, you can draw their attention to your outfit with a pair of bright colored tights or leggings! Combine them with a dull and plain turtleneck or sweater dress. It really adds a cheery and colorful flair to a winter coat. Popular opaque tights colors are deep purple, mustard yellow, electric blue, deep green and tomato red.

Lace Tights

They’re one of my faves because of the sharp, feminine and antique look. I bought two pair in both black and off-white and I’ve never looked back. Lace tights look awesome with simple dress. For a vampy and chic outfit, pair them with a black mini dress and really show off those laced-up legs!

Knee Socks

They are no longer restricted to women who play school girls in adult movies, and are now considered as trendy and also practical hosiery. Wear them with your boots for extra warmth, or let the top show for a nice layering look. You’ll also discover that wearing socks with pump shoes ain’t no longer a boo-boo!

Print Tights

Holes, plaid, snake and leopard print, stripes, knot lace – they’re huge for Autumn/Winter 2009-10!

These eye catching fashion tights should be the focal key of your outfit, so keep the rest simple with sleek pumps and basic jewelry. Also, the print tights shouldn’t battle with your dress, so keep that simple too.

Glossy Pantyhose

Shiny pantyhose keep your legs looking flawless because of the light-diffusing material. They look super-hot with a pencil skirt or simple mini dress. Light gloss pantyhose can make your legs look a little curvier but the sheer texture compensates that.

Don’t worry about revealing your stretch marks, razor bumps, thick legs, chicken legs, etc. Most fashion hosiery is made to conceal such imperfections! So what do you think about the latest hosiery trends? If you think they’re too much, then you can easily soften it up by pairing them up with something casual and basic.

Source by Anna Villaruel

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