Essential 80's Fancy Dress Costume - The 80's Mullet Hairstyle!

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Yikes! The 80’s mullet hair style. Mostly worn by the lads, this was an incredibly popular hair style in the 80’s.

The 80’s mullet is predominantly about short hair at the front, and long hair at the back. Like a work and play kind of package. To make it even more impressive, maybe even get a spike, too.

There’s really only two ways to go about getting your mullet.

1) Grow your hair so it has some length at the back, at least past the collar, and get a hair dresser to style it into an 80’s mullet. There are variations of the mullet in play today, with a thinner, and shorter length of hair at the back. My youngest boy has one of these and it looks great.

2) Or, as just about everyone else would do, buy a mullet wig. These are a popular fancy dress costume and readily available from an online or local party store.

Styles include men’s, women’s, blonde, dark haired, silver, tinsel and multicoloured, just to name a few.

Thought about 80’s clothes yet? Why not match your awesome 80’s mullet with acid wash denim? I swear, you can still find these jeans and jackets in your local op/charity shops. You may have to visit a few shops until you find acid wash jeans in your size… however, I promise you will find ’em!

Wear a rockband tee shirt. Make sure it’s a rockband from the 80’s and preferably black tee shirt.

Mullets are associated with bogans, so you could also wear footy shorts, truckers singlet and thongs / flip flops.

Source by Deni Griffiths

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