DIY-ing home trends! (checkered rug and mushroom lamp)

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  • Did they blur out Roberts but allow you to SAY Roberts?

  • It's a Christmas light you hang in the window! It's used during Christmas in Sweden!

  • All the blurring just make Google seem… controlling 😐

  • Doh! I missed a Becky episode.

  • This has got to be one of the best assortment of DIYs you've ever made Becky, I want to try all of them! Particularly love the lamp one.

  • Loved the lamp 😍 Could you make a lava lamp next ?

  • Ahhh i love the mushroom lamp and wanna do this asap πŸ„

  • Love the lamp- I think leaving the top half of the vase clear and unpainted will let more light shine through. (The unpainted portion of the vase is covered by the painted bowl on top anyway.

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