Contemporary Luxury Watches: How They Have Evolved Since the 18th Century?

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Contemporary timepieces have never been out of latest fashion. These watches have become an eternal fashion accessory since the 18th century. Each accessory including home appliance, footwear, jewelry etc., becomes out of fashion as time passes by but watches are always considered to be trendy.

Luxury timepieces are considered similar to old brand whisky or wine. As the brand gets older, its value becomes higher and its following increases. Same is the case with contemporary watches. The more old the watch is, more will be its value and thus its price. Brand name of watches always remains classy, wallop and ineradicable for both men as well as women. There are genuine reasons for such reviews. One good reason is that contemporary watches are known for their stylish looks and charisma. A watch is capable to attract high class as well as working class people. The price of these timepieces is not a great deal, it’s the craftsmanship that matters. The watchmakers give even the inexpensive watches such a fantastic look that is appreciated by everyone. These watches give a classy look on anyone’s wrist and compliment their personality in the best possible way.

Luxury timepieces evolved a long time ago in the 18th century. They emerged in the market in the form of pocket watches in which diamond or gold bearings were used. Oil was also an important part of these watches. It was used for greasing the dial so that the needles run smoothly over it. As time passed, changes were made in these pocket watches. Earlier only minute and hour hand were produced but in the late 18th century a third hand, i.e. the second hand was also introduced.

In the 19th century, pocket watches changed into glorious pocket watches. Many watch brands like the Ulysse Nardin, Heuer, Minerva, IWC etc. emerged in this era. The quality of watches gained superiority with the increasing number of brands.

Soon, the wrist watches came into the competition which dominated the world market. The era of pocket watches has almost been demolished today. Contemporary timepieces have attained a big business market in the present day. The impressive watches continue to strike the market even today and that too with more customers as compared to the past century. Many luxury watch brands have been established that are producing a huge number of contemporary luxurious watches year after year and there are no signs of declining popularity of watches in the coming time.

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