Come Get Face Piercings With Me | Micro Dermal Anchors

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Welcome (◔◡◔) Today we are getting face piercings! I’m bringing you all along with me to the tattoo studio I work at where I’m …


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27 thoughts on “Come Get Face Piercings With Me | Micro Dermal Anchors

  1. ☁️ looks fire, I could never get one even though I think microdermals are sick as hell because the process freaks me OUT. Also the thought of accidentally rolling onto it (I’m an active sleeper) and it ripping out of my face or my dog trying to eat it is terrifying lmao, I give mad mad props to anyone who can get one you’re so much braver than I am.

  2. Hello,(◦˙▽˙◦)

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  3. Nice video. did it worth the pain? What places you recommend to get? wish it will stay forever?
    Liked your cloud ☁️ idea but he has a bidder one (and in super mario he also can cause harm).

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