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For those who are not too young to remember (or those who are not in denial about living through one of the most famous eras in music history), the Beatles not only brought their own brand of music to the world, they also inspired a hairstyle that had stylists all over the globe clipping tresses according to the mop top haircut sported by the boys from Liverpool.

The Women Who Started a Trend

World renowned hairstylists, some of whom are celebrities in their own right, do not all give the same answers when asked about the most requested celebrity hairstyles from clients. But these three women always appear somewhere on their list.

The definitive hair icon of the 90’s is Jennifer Aniston; more specifically, the character she played in the TV series, Friends. “The Rachel” is a perfectly layered bob barely resting on the shoulders and carefully contoured to frame and flatter the face. It remains one of the most requested celebrity hairstyles of all time.

The perennial sweetheart and mainstay of the romantic comedy genre inspired another frequently requested celebrity hairstyle. Meg Ryan’s short, choppy shag remains popular, especially in this modern era when women have evolved to become champion multi-taskers. A breeze to care for and open to being styled up or simply finger-dried as you head out the door, it is a style that resonates with the lives of busy women everywhere.

It is impossible to talk of iconic hairstyles without mentioning the angel that inspired a generation of women to layer, frost and blow dry their hair to an inch of wispy perfection. Most salons of that era displayed the poster of Farrah Fawcett in a red tank top caught in a casual pose looking straight at the camera, head tossed slightly back with her world-famous tresses framing her delicate face and perfect smile.

Celebrity Hairstyles of Today

With the advent of affordable hair extensions and wigs made from natural hair, it is becoming easier for women to simply buy the celebrity hairstyle they want, without subjecting their own hair to a stylist’s clipping shears. Fans can have the hairstyle of their idols any time they feel like it, or move on to the next celebrity as quickly as trends or their budgets allow.

It’s difficult to peg Nicki Minaj’s real persona underneath the different wigs she wears, but perhaps that is part of her enormous appeal. She keeps her followers guessing. She is the ultimate chameleon of the hairstyling world. In 2012, Draya, another daring style-setter, has been sporting a trendy bob cut reminiscent of Victoria Beckham’s “Pob” (named after Posh Spice, Victoria’s one-time Spice Girl persona).

Gone are the times when hairstylists were shown a photograph of a famous celebrity, followed by a quick yet hopeful, “I want you to make me look like that!” These days, all a woman has to do is go to a reputable hair extension salon and ask for their latest Minaj or Ciara hair piece and come home looking (and strutting) like their idol. How easy is that?

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