Candidates For Hair Replacement - Does Age and Sex Matter?

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Hair replacement is one of the treatments that are used to put hair back on the head. It has to be done surgically, as it involves cutting pieces of the donor site, as well as stitching it up. It is suitable for all sexes and ages. It is different from other treatments which are meant for a certain age group or sex. There are some drugs that cannot be taken by women, as they will prove ineffective. Such drugs are those that are meant to reduce testosterone levels. Other drugs are hazardous to the health of pregnant women and the unborn children. Some treatments cannot be administered on children as they may have strengths that have adverse effects on the young bodies. Hair replacement does not have all these disadvantages.

Hair replacement uses on the patient’s head to replace the lost. These hairs are removed from areas where there is normal hair growth. Small pieces of the skin are cut from the scalp. The skin contains hair follicles which are then separated. These follicles are carefully inserted into the receiving sites using minute needles. The follicles are inserted at the right angle in which the hair follicles are inclined at. Because the procedure uses other hair follicles, the candidates for hair replacement should have areas with normally growing.

Most women and children tend to lose in the front of the head. This is mostly due to the tension that is exerted on the strands. Tension is usually due to tying the hair tightly. There are hairstyles such as buns, extensions, braids and other plaits that cause a lot of tension. The result is that the hairline is lost. This mostly happens in young adults. Men with locks or plaits also experience frontal hair loss. Hair replacement can be done to improve the hairline because hair loss is only confined to a small strip, whilst the rest of the head is not.

Other people experience hair loss on the top of their heads. This is very common in males. Hair starts to thin on the top. This is because this area is sensitive to changes in hormonal levels. If thinning is not checked, the area may lose all. Undergoing replacement will not be a problem. it can be replaced and the volume is increased.

It is wiser not to allow hair loss to advance without putting a stop to it. The more hair that you lose will mean that there are fewer hair donor sites. When this happens, hair replacement may not be ideal. You will need more hair follicles to cover the larger spaces. Density has to be uniform and this is not easy to achieve when you have big bald spaces. The right candidates for hair replacement should have the right mass and density for a more natural look. Above all, people of any sex and at any age can have hair replacement done.

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