Black Women - Why Go Natural?

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Black women, are you currently chemically relaxing your hair? Has your hair stopped growing or breaking off? Learn why so many Black women are going the alternative route – NATURAL!

1. Chemicals are harsh to your hair

A chemical relaxer actually breaks down your hair. Although, it may seem that your hair is benefiting from chemical treatments, at the end, it’s slowly destroying it – permanently. Unfortunately, some people NEVER grow their hair back after 15 years of using relaxers. They are now wearing hair pieces or wigs. A good movie to watch, if you haven’t yet, is “Good Hair” by Chris Rock. This movie actually demonstrate the process of chemical relaxers to pop cans. It is an eye opener.

2. There is more versatility

With natural hair, you can actually have straight hair, temporarily for a week or two. Or if you are going to cram for finals, you can always put braids in your hair and leave it in their for a month. Or if you’re looking to style it up, try twists. Or you can do a wash n’ go, an afro or an afro puff. With chemically relaxed hair, it’s a lot harder to pull off these styles because with natural hair the curls mold these styles. With a chemical relaxer, their is no curl to mold and hold these styles in place.

3. An opportunity to embrace your roots – no pun intended

This is a time to pamper the hair you were born with. And it gives you a chance to try new looks. Natural hair is beautiful hair. Black hair is usually done by family or friends creating an amiable atmosphere, almost like a social event to strengthen the bond of black women. Natural hair styling has always been passed on from the mother to her children.

4. An opportunity to create a work of art

If you’ve ever looked at photos from Africa, you will see lots of different natural hair styles. Many of these hair styles are representative of something else. If you’ve ever gone to a natural hair show, you will see the many different and beautiful styles that are exhibited. Almost like an art exhibit, the person and the hair itself, is put on display, dangling with different jewels and accessories. It’s a beautiful thing.

5. An opportunity to embrace your natural beauty

God created us in a certain way. God is love and love is beautiful. You are beautiful. You’re hair is beautiful. You are a queen and you deserve to embrace, design and accessorize the one thing that God has given you – your natural beauty – your natural hair.

Source by Zipporah Robinson

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