Baby Showers: Traditional Or Trendy?

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These days more and more hosts are straying away from the traditional pastels, family friendly baby shower games and cute baby shower party gifts in favor of more trendy and edgy baby shower parties. But is this really a good idea? Hostesses who are torn on whether or not they should spice up the shower with the glitz and rhinestones of a trendy shower theme should think twice.

Trendy baby showers have their appeal, to be sure. Trendy showers take a cue from Kim Kardashian and many other Hollywood moms-to-be, meaning that they are glamorous, raunchy, and sometimes downright snarky. Moms to be can get their baby bottles glitzed out in rhinestones, everyone can go out to spas and get manicures or pedicures, and some of the shower games might be kind of snarky. For some that is what makes a good party great and trendy. Watching movies like Knocked Up and Cheaper By The Dozen might be included in a trendy baby shower party. Overall, they can be a really fun time with the girls and they are very much driven by what’s chic and trendy for the moment.

Traditional baby showers are more formal and have a tendency to appeal to a broader audience. The shower games are family-oriented, appetizers and hors d’oeuvres are fit for everyone, and mothers who have daughters won’t be too worried about bringing their little ones along. There are a lot more resources on throwing a traditional shower and it’s also likely to be cheaper than mimicking anything that Hollywood would attempt. Traditional showers are also something that is much easier to treasure for years to come because they have a tendency of making people bond in a way that glitz and rhinestone-covered baby bottles can’t. They are also not driven by current trends but as the name suggests are based more on tradition.

When it comes to deciding whether or not you should throw a trendy party, the most telling factors are your guest list and your wallet. For instance, if you are going to be throwing a party where there may be anyone from age 5 to 75, you need to think of a traditional baby shower. Your friends won’t be happy if their 5-year old hears something inappropriate, nor will Great Aunt Greta think that rhinestone-covered bottles make any sense. Trendy showers are good for young crowds with a little bit of extra income in their friends’ circles. A larger shower will be the most affordable if kept traditional, while smaller showers can definitely be trendy. Basically, use your common sense when choosing whether you want a trendy or traditional baby shower and always keep your ‘audience’ and the Mom-to-be as your primary object to please and to make comfortable.

Source by Valentina Kaltchev

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